Studio Setup/Locations

Studio Setup/Locations

People Media Factory owns studio setup in Los Angeles with empty stages, set construction Green Matt, Transportation, Film Production catering, Dubbing studio and preview theatres in Seattle . People media also own lot of other private locations and can coordinate permissions or other public locations around Seattle.

Studio/Location Services

People Media Factory with its strength in real-estate and construction Expertise in Seattle area can help production houses in identifying locations, providing Studio empty Stages, Green Matt setups installed with commonly used set properties set construction.

Studio/Location Services
Creative Services

Creative Services

People Media Factory offer creative services for corporate clients in USA and India. Creative services package includes photo shoots, advertisements, brand promotion, web design and social media optimization.

TV and Web Content Production

People Media Factory started producing high quality content shot in USA targeting TV, and web platforms like Youtube, Amazon, Netflix and Yupptv . People has been producing “Padutha teeyga”.

Camera Rental

One of the Best camera service providers, Digiquest Camera Rental have become first choice for serving the camera needs of filmmakers and other creative professionals shooting in the region. With a dedicated state-of-art rental facility, we offer innovative digital cinema solutions, and latest high-end cameras and equipment including expert technical support to the film and entertainment industry in India and worldwide. We provide various cameras & Lenses.

  • Red Dragon Camera and lenses
  • Viper Film Stream Cameras
  • Red MX Camera
  • Red Epic Camera
  • Carl Zeiss Lenses 18,25,35,50,85,135
  • Ultra Prime Lenses 16,24,32,50,85,135
  • Digi Prime Lenses 7,14,20,28
  • 3.9 Digi Prime Wide Angle Lenses
  • 10 mm Wide Angle Lenses
  • 11-16 mm Wide Lenses

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